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Finding Validation from Within

Have you ever felt like you desperately needed validation?

That was my experience when I started dancing. I had a strong desire to be seen and acknowledged. After every dance move, I would look towards the choreographer, hoping to receive their approval. But as I became aware of my behavior, I realized I needed to face the root cause of my need for validation.

I realized that I had been seeking validation because I wanted to feel seen. It was a natural human desire, but I had become overly dependent on others to fulfill that need.

Even during moments of self-doubt, when the choreographer lifted my head and praised me, I felt emotional. I came to the realization that I needed to believe in myself more and understand that I'm always seen.

Through my experience with dance, I learned that it's okay to desire validation, but it's essential to understand why we feel that way. Seeking validation from others should not be our only source of feeling worthy and loved.

We can cultivate self-love by building self-confidence, practicing self-compassion, and focusing on personal growth.Remember that we all have the power to acknowledge and validate ourselves.

By doing so, we can develop a healthier relationship with validation and fulfill our human need to be seen.

Here are some tips that may be helpful for others who are struggling with feeling seen:

  1. Acknowledge your need to be seen: It's okay to want to be seen and validated by others. It's a natural human desire. However, it's important to acknowledge it and understand why you feel this way.

  2. Reflect on your past experiences: Sometimes, our need to be seen stems from past experiences where we didn't feel seen or heard. Reflect on your past experiences and try to identify if there are any patterns or triggers that make you feel unseen.

  3. Focus on your own growth: Instead of seeking validation from others, focus on your own growth and development. Set personal goals and work towards achieving them. This will help you build confidence and a sense of purpose, which can make you feel more fulfilled.

Love you!!!!!!!



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