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Tiara Nikole is a “SHEro'' who empowers women to ignite their self-confidence, conquer their dreams, and live a purposeful life through health & wellness initiatives, women empowerment events, and self-care products.



" I Represent .... !"Tiara graduated from Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University with her Bachelors Degree in Occupational Therapy in 2015.  After being apart of many campus organizations she faced a life changing , moment ,instead of pursuing Grad School, she would move to Atlanta to pursue her dreams of becoming a professional dancer. 



Tiara started working her connections within the community and saw results. She decided to go Pescatarian and has not looked back since. Feeling healthier , dance is in a great spot then BOOM. While attending rehearsal 80% of her clothes were stolen out of her car and she felt her world closing in on her. She thought, is this a sign to leave Atlanta or a test ? In the midst of this confusion , she booked Dej Loaf's birthday party and realized she could not stop !



" I can have it all and do it all !", has been Tiara's mantra since early childhood.But , having it all definitely is not an inexpensive bill. She picked up multiple jobs, sometimes working 3-5 at one time to really invest in herself . While now working all  these jobs ,during crazy hours of the day she again asked herself , was Atlanta for her. I mean, it was only getting harder.Then she booked! Dancing with Victor Jackson she opened for Keke Wyatt, and performed with Mika Means , who has written for Chris Brown . It did not stop there though, through her connections working side jobs, she landed a gig as a Production Stage Manager and has been in that industry since .



Tiara achieved a significant milestone by securing a major job with the renowned Hip Hop artist YoYo early in the year. This was a defining moment in her career as it marked a significant upward trajectory. However, during this period, Tiara also experienced bouts of anxiety as she struggled with the pressure to conform to people's expectations of her. It wasn't until she rediscovered her true self that she realized her success had always been about staying true to herself. Encouraged by this newfound sense of clarity, Tiara went ahead to take a leap of faith and landed a modeling gig with Mielle Organics, fully embracing who she was.



Tiara found herself at a crossroads, feeling like she had hit rock bottom and had to fight tooth and nail to maintain her position. Although she had always been consistent and a hard worker, the effort was starting to take a toll on her. However, this year proved to be a turning point in her life. Tiara landed a coveted role as a brand ambassador for Mielle Organics, collaborated with Grammy-nominated artist B.O.B., ventured out of the country for the first time, and even secured her debut on a TV show. These accomplishments were a testament to the value of the life she had envisioned for herself, and Tiara finally felt like her hard work was paying off.



In 2020, Tiara decided to launch her YouTube channel to empower like-minded women who, like her, believe that life is meant to be crafted on their own terms. She strongly believes in the power of a tribe, and her aim was to build a community of women who support each other. Her first E-book, "Shero Affirmations," was designed to encourage positive self-talk and guide women towards achieving their goals while remaining true to themselves. Tiara's interpretation of "SHEro" is a woman who can have it all while staying authentic. Interestingly, Tiara wrote this E-book while battling Covid-19 and being stuck at home. She wants everyone to realize that they possess the power to shape their lives, and that this potential has been within them since birth. Tiara's message is clear - this life is ours to live, and she loves us all.

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